Tony Singer - Posters Column

Since 1971 Everett Anton “Tony” Singer, a painter, graphic artist/designer, photographer, printer, and auto collector, has been fascinated by the wide variety of automotive poster art, focusing on the 1895-1970 time frame. This lead to the creation of, the world’s preeminent resource, presenting the finest works, guaranteed original and professionally archival linen mounted. A proud member of IVPDA. In 2002, he created Automobilia Monterey, the international expo, which is the largest multi-marque gathering in the US, taking place each August during Monterey’s car week.


John C. Lutsch - Etcetera Column

Founder and current owner of, an internet-based purveyor of unique automobile and aviation-related art, models, and rare treasures for the collector and enthusiast. John is also currently engaged as a commercial photographer, serving national and international corporate clients. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, he became a full-time staff member with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, contributing to production of over twenty coffee-table books and exhibition catalogs. John has been published in Road and Track and Cavallino magazines, as well as being a regular contributor to Prancing Horse and Vintage Motorsport magazines. He also participated in the Cleveland Museum of Art’s landmark exhibition, ‘Bugatti’.



Tom Warth - Rare Books Column

Tom Warth was bitten by the car bug early on, spectating many races during late 1940s to early 50s. He developed a modest business exporting cars from the UK to the US, eventually emigrating to the US in 1960. By the late 60s, selling motoring literature became a full time occupation for him, first as English Imports and then as Classic Motorbooks whose publishing and wholesaling arm became Motorbooks International (MBI).  After selling MBI in 1988 he started the charity BOOKS FOR AFRICA ( which has now become the largest shipper of books to the continent from the Western World. Tom is still dealing in car books, but only some of the rarest titles in the World.



Marshall Buck - Editor

Collecting Model Cars Column

Marshall Buck has been immersed in art & culture from childhood. His career has been diverse; from professional photography to television production and exotic car sales. In 1982 he founded CMA Models, Inc.  Since then he has been involved with high-end automotive miniatures as a collector, model maker, manufacturer, and boutique dealer; catering to serious collectors worldwide. In addition to models, he is an avid collector of a variety of vintage automobilia. For over 30 years, Marshall has authored numerous articles and regular columns on models and collecting in various classic car publications including Cavallino, Vintage Motorsport, Sports Car Market, and others.


Steve Austin - Auto Art Column

Steve Austin has been an art dealer for the past twenty-five years. “I  backed into it through being a too avid collector.  Clients, from his successful car tour business (Steve Austin’s Automobilia and Great Vacations), convinced him there was a demand for quality art work and he started what he refers to as “a most interesting side venture, that formed a life of its own”.  Originally from the UK, Steve settled in Oregon and has never looked back.  Between the tours and the art he has become the consummate international traveler.  “I am one of those fortunate people whose work is an extension of my love of art, cars and motor racing”.



Dale LaFollette - Vintage Auto Photography Column

Dale LaFollette’s automotive photography has been seen in magazines, online magazines, auction catalogs and books.  He spent 27 years as manager of Portland International Raceway which gave him access to the world of road racing, his favorite subject.  In 1995, worrying about inactivity in retirement, Dale started a business, Vintage Motorphoto, which specializes in rare and collectable original racing photographs taken by photographers from around the world and which continues to this day. Dale is a voting member of the Motorsports Hall of Fame in Daytona Beach, Florida and is on the Advisory Board at the World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville, Oregon.  He has also been honored with a membership in the Northwest Motorsports Hall of Fame.


Peter Bourassa

Peter Bourassa is an everyday ‘car guy’. He enjoys F1, IndyCar, IMSA, good motoring books and art. His enthusiasm led him to build for car people who want the “best” motoring goods and services. For 10 years he has published and the MMR Community Newsletter weekly. He drives WASRED (a black high-mileage, 308 Ferrari), a high-mileage Audi All-Road and a hot-rodded Ducati Sport-Touring bike. He loves the Eagles, the Travelling Wilburys, the Met, Shakespeare, Jay Ward, the NYC Marathon, choral singing, golf and automobilia. He has read Peking to Paris, Racing in the Rain and everything Denise McCluggage ever wrote at least twice! For the most part, he is you! The quintessential “car guy” who has somehow, incidentally amassed loads of really neat motoring related collectibles!


Jerry Haussler - Badges Column

Jerry Haussler has been buying, selling, trading, and collecting automotive related event badges for over 20 years. His interest and passion for this hobby was sparked by the purchase of a Porsche 100K badge in the late 1980s. In 2007 Jerry founded, which specializes in original vintage rallye badges, and original racing automobilia from around the world. Since departing a long career in Information Technology this hobby has progressed into a passion, profession, and viable revenue stream. His other endeavors include restoring vintage Porsches, collecting pre-WWII bicycles, and photographing Blues musicians.




Amy Markle - On The Road with Amy Column

In the mid ‘90s, a silver Porsche 356B inspired Amy to start competing in local PCA Autocross events....and the rest is history. She is the founder of GoMotorbooks, and since ‘97 has been selling car related books and automobilia at 25+ events across the USA, where you may have seen her. Her mobile marketplace is reminiscent of an old-fashioned book store, just not in a traditional setting. The focus is out-of-print books, and vintage automobilia. She is a self-described avid reader, who is continuously learning about cars and books. Currently, she is the proud owner of a classic Volvo 240 Wagon, fun Scion XA, and a collector of Michelin Man ‘Bibendum’ items.



Michael Furman - Cover Photography

Michael Furman’s first experience with cars and cameras goes back more than 50 years, and in the intervening decades he has become the world’s most sought-after studio photographer of significant automobiles. Michael’s signature portrait style has appeared in more than 25 titles, elegantly expressing the personality of each car for museum exhibitions, collectors, design studies and marque histories.



Allen Spurlin - Retro Pin-Up Girls Column

Allen Spurlin has had an insatiable curiousity about ‘what’s under that bonnet’ his whole life. He’s a true Southern gentleman from Alabama, drives a Ford F250 diesel, and loves Alabama football.  He sold a thriving property management company in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, married the lady of his dreams and has run the ‘back end’ of their classic car media business for over 15 years. He couldn’t be happier in his newest roll as AutoMobilia ‘retro pin-up girl finder’.


Ben Horton - Motoring Books Column

Ben Horton has been involved with motoring books most of his life. In 1997 he founded Horton’s Books Limited with his late father, growing the business and its breadth of stock to what it is today. Now at the forefront of the motoring book world, Ben can be found at many of the leading motoring events in Europe and the USA. Ben is an adviser to some of the premier motoring libraries in the world and is also on the judging panel of the annual International Historic Motoring Awards and the Royal Automobile Club Motoring Book of the Year Award.



John Mihovetz - Petroliana Column

Since early childhood, John Mihovetz has been been an enthusiast and collector of pre-World War II American ephemera, wild west, Gas & Oil, and country store themed advertising. He ran his own business, specializing in Gas & Oil advertising, as well as Country Store, and American Folk Art.  John has sourced antique advertising and completed visual display projects for clients including Anthropologie, Ralph Lauren (RRL), Club Monaco, and Levi Strauss. In 2016 he joined Morphy Auctions as an Expert and Director of Acquisitions; his focus is on automobilia, petroliana, and antique advertising. He has been profiled in several antique industry publications and is a frequent go-to source for expert evaluations, grading & appraisals  in the Gas & Oil hobby.


David Kayser - Automotive Literature Column

At the age of 10, David concluded that the salesmen at the local Ford and Chevrolet dealers were not likely to invite him to come by to test drive a new Lotus Cortina or Corvette Stingray. However, he was able to weasel a bored salesman into sending him home with a sales brochure.... and a nascent automobile awareness coupled with an early fascination of print graphics soon blossomed. In 1993, David founded Chelsea Motoring Literature,; specializing in postwar European special interest sales literature. He can be found along with many of his rare and desirable finds at various vintage car gatherings – including several events during Pebble Beach week, Amelia Island Concours, and L.A. Porsche Literature Meet.


Bonnie Singer - Guest Writer - Poster Stamps, Scarfs and more.

Starting as a graphic design major at Pratt Institute, Bonnie has always been attracted to great graphics, including vintage automotive images, both as a collector and dealer.  She was a fixture for a number of years at the Monterey Car Week shows, with her vintage automotive scarves and ties along with postcards and paper advertising rarities. A current need to stay close to home in Florida led to her creation of the website as a resource for collectors of superb vintage automotive wearables and exceptional early 20th century ephemera.


Sharon Spurlin - Publisher

Sharon Spurlin has been a part of the classic car media business since 1989, and managed the N. American advertising offices for Classic & Sports Car Magazine since 2001.  From graphic design to ad sales, from website creation to selling subs in a vendor stand, there’s really no aspect of the media business she hasn’t mastered. She lives in Southwest Florida, drives a Mini Cooper Clubman (much too fast around corners for her Husband, Allen) and collects classic car & beer signs. Her latest venture… publishing AutoMobilia Resource Magazine and